Talk Title Speaker Purchase
010 – Clear Your Thinking David Alan Slater
020 – Partners in Passion: Empowering the Energetics in All Your Relationships David Price Francis
030 – The Sacred Language and Science of Sound Gaisheda Kheawok
040 – The Ecovillage of Damanhur and The Temples of Humankind… Crotalo Sesamo
050 – Top Five Nutrition Steps for Good Health (Audio Only) Paul Demeda
060 – The connection between Emotional Distress, the Brain and Physical Symptoms (Audio Only) Alvin De Leon
070 – Miracles of Magnetism (Audio Only) Dean Bonlie
080 – Whole Water: What is It? Roland Estrabillo
090 – Natural Approaches to Treating Depression Zoltan Rona
100 – Healing for Free: 20 things you can do to heal yourself without going broke (Audio Only) Dr. Richard Nahas
110 – Epigenetics: Modern Day Life Style & Your DNA (Audio Only) Dr. Joel Wallach
120 – Alternative Answers for the Treatment of Cancer at BioCare Hospital (Audio Only) Rodrigo Rodriguez
130 – Instructions for a New Life Markus Rothkranz
150 – Mother Nature’s BEST Weight Loss Solutions! (Audio Only) Ryan Foley
160 – Emotional Release with Lymphatic Drainage (Audio Only) Dr. Ravi Ratan
170 – Enjoying Life without Limits (Audio Only) Brian Clement
180 – The Mystery of Bosnian Pyramids Sam Osmanagich
190 – Panel Presentation: Longevity with Vibrant Health David Brownstein
200 – A New Approach that ELIMINATES Lactose Intolerance (Audio Only) Marva Ward
210 – Harmony within the Physical, Emotional & Energetic Body (Audio Only) Brian Clement
220 – Spiritual Science: Uniting Hidden Teachings & Practices… Robert Gilbert
230 – Anti-aging: Look Fabulous and Feel Great Lorna Vanderhaeghe
260 – Adult Stem Cells for Chronic Pain Using Prolotherapy (Audio Only) Harry Adelson
270 – Toxin Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies & Our World Bruce Lourie Rick Smith
280 – Overcoming Thyroid Disorders David Brownstein
290 – Mineral Deficiencies: Recognize the symptoms and how to correct it (Audio Only) Peter Quenter
300 – Eating for Your Optimal Weight (Audio Only) Jessica Morris
310 – The Connection between Ancient Einkorn of the Bible and Gluten Intolerance… (Audio Only) Gary Young
320 – A Time to Cleanse – 7 Days to A Juicer You! … Steve Meyerowitz
330 – GMOs and Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Infertility, Digestive Disorders… Jeffrey M. Smith
340 – Under The Surface: What is Your Body Really Trying to Tell You (Audio Only) Tracey Clark
350 – The Importance of Herbs in Today’s World (Audio Only) Manmohan Nagpal
360 – CETA, Natural Health Products & Bill C-17 Shawn Buckley
370 – Reduce Pain and Shed Weight without Dieting… Julie Daniluk
380 – Magnetic Therapy Discover (Audio Only) Ruth Murray
390 – Healthy Home: Working in Harmony with Nature (Audio Only) Dawn James
400 – Workshop: The Mystery of Bosnian Pyramids (Audio Only) Sam Osmanagich
410 – BioSignatures, The Subtle Energy Patterns of the Body’s Organs Ibrahim Karim
420 – Workshop: Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It David Brownstein
430 – Organo Gold Coffee (Audio Only) Dale Merrill
440 – Healing Secrets of the Pharaohs (Audio Only) Jason Quitt
450 – Healthy Earth Bokashi Composting (Audio Only) Vera del Vecchio
460 – Bio-Energy Healing (Audio Only) Michael Dalton
470 – Family Karma and Why Good People Get Ill (Audio Only) Erik Valdman
480 – Manifest Money Miracles (Audio Only) Tarek Bibi
490 – Epigenetics: Modern Day Life Style & Your DNA (Audio Only) Joel Wallach
500 – Healthy Mouths, Healthy Bodies! Dana Colson
510 – Salt: Your Way to Health David Brownstein
520 – Food Intolerances (Audio Only) David Alan Slater
530 – Charging Your Soul: How to Boost Your Electro-Immune System… David Price Francis
540 – Hormones: Everything You Need to Know About Hormones Lorna Vanderhaeghe
550 – How to Choose the Right Olive Oil (Audio Only) Panagiotis Tsiriotkis
560 – Health Secrets Revealed! (Audio Only) Brian Gangel
570 – Hypertension, Cholesterol & Diabetes: Hidden Concerns with Medications… (Audio Only) Elie Klein
580 – The Ecovillage of Damanhur and The Temples of Humankind Crotalo Sesamo
590 – Panel Presentation: Eat Your Way to Health – Without Food Allergies! Brian Clement …
600 – Heal Yourself with Living Crystal Water (Audio Only) Peter Goodgold
610 – Free Food and Medicine… Eat Your Weeds! (Audio Only) Markus Rothkranz
620 – The Truth About Radiation (Nuclear Fallout and EMF): … Robert Gilbert
630 – Sweat the Small Stuff (Audio Only) Rodney Palmer
640 – Aged Garlic Tincture and Your Well-being (Audio Only) Martin Dindos
650 – One Week in the Forbidden Zone in Yemen (Audio Only) Gary Young
660 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Electromagnetic Exposure Magda Havas
670 – Seeds of Deception Jeffrey M. Smith
680 – Ultimate Vitality & Longevity With Nutrient Dense Superfood Nutrition (Audio Only) Renita Rietz
690 – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the Greenest of them all? (Audio Only) Stella Fokas
700 – Stories from 18 Years of Medical Science Reporting: Is there progress? (Audio Only) Helke Ferrie
710 – The Complete Genetic Destruction of Agriculture Rachel Parent
730 – What is Spiritual Healing? (Audio Only) Janet Matthews
740 – CETA, Natural Health Products & BILL C-17 Shawn Buckley
750 – Redox Signaling: A True Transformational Breakthrough (Audio Only) Michael Stern
760 – Workshop: Spiritual Science: Essential Teachings & Practices (Audio Only) Robert Gilbert
770 – Workshop: New Discoveries with Essential Oils and PTSD Gary Young
780 – FOOD IS Medicine: The Scientific Evidence Brian Clement
790 – How to Finally End Your Stress and Anxiety? (Audio Only) Erik Valdman
800 – Dealing with Parkinsons (Audio Only) Paul Ciaravella
820 – Chanting the Holy “Maha Mantra (Audio Only) Gaura Shakti Band
830 – Amino Acid & Peptide Therapies (Audio Only) Alan Ogden
840 – Create an Extraordinary Life Now (Audio Only) Vanessa Long
850 – Soul Healing Miracles in Daily Life (Audio Only) Master Sher
860 – Live Blood Microscopy (Audio Only) Shannon Gregory
870 – Chanting the Holy “Maha Mantra” (Audio Only) Gaura Shakti band
880 – A Time to Cleanse – 7 Days to A Juicer You! Clean Out – Lighten Up… (Audio Only) Steve Meyerowitz
890- The Twenty Teachings of Cacao (Audio Only) Michael Sacco
900 – The Sacred Language & Science of Sound (Audio Only) Gaisheda Kheawok