Dr. Rona will discuss the major myths in natural medicine and provide the evidence for rational decisions about your health care choices. Some common misconceptions in natural medicine die hard or are too taboo to discuss. Most of the myths have endured for decades and will likely persist for many more, but after hearing this lecture you will confidently know how to answer these questions:

• Do high doses of vitamin C really cause kidney stones?

• Are supplemental vitamins, minerals and herbs dangerous without doctor supervision?

• Do we need stricter regulation of nutritional supplements and herbs to protect the public?

• Is drinking distilled water really beneficial for good health?

• Is sugar in moderation good for your health?

• Are dairy products absolutely necessary to prevent osteoporosis?

• Are high cholesterol foods the cause of heart disease?

• Do we all need sunblock creams to prevent skin cancer?

• Shouldn’t we take drugs to lower high cholesterol?

• Do vitamin E supplements really cause heart disease?

• Is medical marijuana more dangerous than prescription pain killers?

• Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Robert DeNiro: how dare anybody question vaccine safety?

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