America is one of only two countries that has legalized direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs. The amount of prescription drug advertisements and usage has normalized these drugs in our society and prevents most people from acknowledging the danger they pose. Advertisements for prescription drugs are especially problematic as those with a real need for them are in a vulnerable position and often blindly trust the expertise of medical professionals. Studies done by large pharmaceuticals often fail to report data that goes against they’re desired results. Depression is a serious and multifaceted issue, while medication may alleviate symptoms in the short term, psychiatrists aren’t looking at the root of a patients depression for a more long term treatment. In western medicine, the majority of Doctors have been trained to diagnoses such as Depression and focus on that rather than trying to understand and treat the patient on a personalized holistic level. Natural Alternatives: • Homeopathic and nutritional approaches in mood disorders; • The importance of diet and exercise to fuel a happy and contented mind; • Energy Medicine approaches in mood disorders