Interactive format, attendees are invited to participate with Q&A along the way.Navigating through a wheat- and grain-free lifestyle is the most powerful strategy for health through nutrition ever conceived. The problem is doing so in a world in which wheat and grains have been revered as the number one most important part of a healthy “balanced” diet. Learn how to adhere to this lifestyle to obtain all the wonderful health and weight loss benefits while minimizing all the hazards and pitfalls.

Dr. Davis will discuss:

    • How to successfully navigate the supermarket and where to obtain some of the unique foods we use in this lifestyle
    • Strategies to save money, even reducing food costs compared to a grain-based diet
    • The basics of non-grain baking and cooking to create foods such as pizza, pies, and muffins
    • How foods can be used to cultivate healthy bowel flora
    • How to manage carbohydrates for maximal metabolic health
    • How to manage and break a weight plateau
    • The role of dairy products
    • Endocrine disruption – a process initiated in many people by grain consumption

Workshop is followed by Q&A session.

All proceeds from the sale of this session go directly to support “Kids Right To Know



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